WHAT is Humane Entrepreneurship

As countries and organizations move towards holistic growth, enterprises should extend their priorities beyond the profit margin. These companies should shift their focus onto their people, the environment, and society. Great entrepreneurs with strong humane mindsets fuel the concept of Humane Entrepreneurship. Human oriented businesses are deemed to perform better, come up with better products and services, and ultimately, satisfy their customers. Humane Entrepreneurship is a key to the sustainable development of not only enterprises, but also to the sustainable development of society.

The Humane Entrepreneurship Model

We promote Humane Entrepreneurship by

–Regional and World Conference in which Humane Entrepreneurship is main topic in the academic sessions or plenary  session,

–Encouraging people to participate in Declaration Ceremony in which they oath to follow Humane Entrepreneurship 10 principles, and

–Publishing Humane Entrepreneurship white paper every year.

Recommendation for Membership or Participation